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Episode 32 – Erik Tait

Comedian, juggler, magician Erik Tait met Craig and Robert at the Columbus Podcast Festival, and agreed to stop by for some scotch and to talk about his new show coming up.  We get the background on some classic magicians, and make some bad jokes.

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Runtime: 42:58

Notes from the Show:

Episode 17 – Story Club Columbus

Meryl Williams is a person who wears many hats: Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Podcast Host, Roller Derby Athlete.  And now, she can add 6pod4 guest to the list. She dropped by the chilly shed to talk about her her writings, and how and why she created the Columbus Chapter of Story Club Columbus hosted monthly at Rambling House Soda.

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Runtime: 27:47

Notes from the Show:



Episode 7 – Performing arts commentator Richard Sanford

madmen_iconRichard Sanford is a wealth of knowledge about performing arts in Columbus. He writes reviews of theatre, Jazz, and rock for a number of outlets here in town.  He truly is a force of nature when it comes to the local arts scene.  Rob and Craig sat down with him to discuss his background, where he developed his taste, and why Columbus is such a great place for arts.  We could have talked with him forever.  Look below for a substantial list of show notes from this episode.

Runtime: 48:32


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