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Episode 57 – Looking back at the first 12 shows

This week we look back at the first dozen or so shows, and pull out some of the best moments from them.

Runtime: 31:03

Featured in this show:

Lauren McCubbin (Episode 5)

Anton Wilsbach (Episode 8)

National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame (Episode 9)

Wyandotte Winery (Episode 10)

Michelle Warnky (Episode 11)

Max Schneider & Ohio Roller Derby (Episode 12)

Episode 11 – Michelle Warnky, American Ninja Warrior

This week we are back in the shed, and visited by Michelle Warnky, who you likely have seen on American Ninja Warrior on NBC.  We armed up with some Hot apple cider with Bourbon, and talk about her history of teaching English abroad, how she fell into becoming a ninja, and how she’s opened a gym here in Central Ohio to train the next generation of warriors.  Her visit was a blast, and we were thankful that she took some time out of her busy day to speak with us.

Runtime: 43:02

Notes from the Show: