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Episode 57 – Looking back at the first 12 shows

This week we look back at the first dozen or so shows, and pull out some of the best moments from them.

Runtime: 31:03

Featured in this show:

Lauren McCubbin (Episode 5)

Anton Wilsbach (Episode 8)

National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame (Episode 9)

Wyandotte Winery (Episode 10)

Michelle Warnky (Episode 11)

Max Schneider & Ohio Roller Derby (Episode 12)

Episode 56 – Columbus Axe Throwing

Our last show of the year! We crashed Marty Parker’s staff appreciation party to talk with him about axe throwing, escape rooms, color runs, bubble runs, tomato fights, and all the other events he runs through his various companies.  We are, in fact, in the middle of an axe throwing party, so the audio on this one is a little rough.

We will be taking the next two weeks off for the holidays, so we’ll see you all again in 2018.

Runtime: 43:22

Notes from the show:

Episode 36 – Ray Chandler and Parallel Games

Board games have come a long way since roll the dice and move, and Ray Chandler is a local designer who is exploring what a modern board game can do.  He joined us last week to talk about his new company, Parallel games, and the challenges and differences between designing for another company and for yourself.

Runtime: 38:08

Notes From the Show

Episode 33 – Columbus Buckeyes Vintage Baseball

Paul “The Magician” Cunningham loves baseball history. He formed the Columbus Buckeyes, a team of baseball players who re-enact Civil War era ball. It takes a special love of the sport to dress in wool in summer, catch fly balls bare handed, and make your own bats out of wood.

Runtime: 41:46

Notes from the Show:

Episode 16 – Society for Creative Anachronism

Today we get to explore one of Robert’s hobbies, and invite the King of Midrealm, Don Strubler over for a discussion.  The Society for Creative Anachronism is a group of historical reenactors focused roughly on the medieval period.  But, unlike most clubs who vote on their leader, the SCA chooses theirs by trial by combat.  Don talks to us about his 30 year history with the club, what it means to him, and how you could get involved.

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Runtime: 29:34

Notes from the Show:

Episode 8 – Columbus Area Board Game Society’s Anton Wilsbach

Anton Wilsbach stopped by the shed to share some Bourbon and talk about why boardgames have made a comeback in a big way.  He’s a “Board member” of the Columbus Area Boardgaming 32622Society, which is one of the largest gaming clubs in America, and meets weekly in Worthington.   While he was at the shed, he talked with Robert and Craig about growing up in Port Clinton, Archaeology, how boardgames can bring a family together, and where, in Columbus, people can find some of the great newer games, just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Runtime: 39:23

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