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Episode 27 – The Commissary with Kate Djupe

Kate Djupe started the commissary to scratch an itch.  She stopped by to talk to us about her history with food, the role the commissary plays in the community, and what’s next.  Editor’s note: Since this episode was recorded, Kate has since left the commissary, handing the keys over to another organization, however Robert and I felt that the story is still good enough to tell.

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Runtime: 37:57

Episode 4 – Blank Slate Coffee

20161106_151050Matt Roberson’s take on a coffee shop is a little bit different than most.  He’s running his out of a 1973 Air stream trailer.  Matt joined us in the shed to discuss why a trailer, his background, why Faith is important to him, the ethics and benefits of buying local, as well as some upcoming events.

Runtime: 34:38

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