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Episode 43 – Laser of Nukkehammer and Twat Slug

Laser De Rouen stopped by to drink some beers, and talk about making noise.  This one might get loud.

Runtime: 43:22

Notes from the show:

Episode 20 – Temple of Juice

Gregory Gould loves juice, and for good reason. Juice helped him to become sober from the addictions of drugs and Alcohol.  He then founded Temple of Juice, providing Central Ohio with fresh, raw, organic juice. Greg stopped by to tell us his story, and what makes raw juice a healthy food. Also, Rob finds someone else who share’s some of his past.

Runtime: 33:58

Notes from the Show

Episode 8 – Columbus Area Board Game Society’s Anton Wilsbach

Anton Wilsbach stopped by the shed to share some Bourbon and talk about why boardgames have made a comeback in a big way.  He’s a “Board member” of the Columbus Area Boardgaming 32622Society, which is one of the largest gaming clubs in America, and meets weekly in Worthington.   While he was at the shed, he talked with Robert and Craig about growing up in Port Clinton, Archaeology, how boardgames can bring a family together, and where, in Columbus, people can find some of the great newer games, just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Runtime: 39:23

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