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Episode 58 – Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies

Holly makes a mean cookie, and wanted to share them with the world. We talked with her, at her store in Gahanna about how the shop came to be, some of the challenges she’s had, and with a special announcement about a new location opening soon! Also, Robert and Craig take objection to the term ‘Whoopee Pie’

Runtime: 43:21

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Episode 53 – Kindred Brewing

Eddie Miller is the taproom manager at Kindred Brewing, and our neighbor in Gahanna.  He came over to the shed to talk about why Kindred is different than the rest of the Columbus Craft scene, and where they are heading next.

Runtime: 48:07

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Episode 41 – Nancy’s Home Cooking

When Rick Hahn stopped by, we figured we would talk about sausage gravy, pancakes and eggs.  Little did we know how much history this little 30-seat diner in Clintonville actually has, and how much heart Rick has to keep it going.

Runtime: 48:10

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Episode 39 – The Fraternal Order of Moai / Grass Skirt Tiki Room

Road trip! Robert and I head down to the Grass Skirt Tiki Room to meet up with “Ahu” with the Fraternal Order of Moai to talk about Columbus’s strange obsession with Tiki culture, Discuss cultural appropriation, and get some tips on how to make a killer Mai Tai.

Runtime: 47:42

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Episode 36 – Ray Chandler and Parallel Games

Board games have come a long way since roll the dice and move, and Ray Chandler is a local designer who is exploring what a modern board game can do.  He joined us last week to talk about his new company, Parallel games, and the challenges and differences between designing for another company and for yourself.

Runtime: 38:08

Notes From the Show

Episode 35 – Rockabilly Raven Vintage

Raven Haraldson had an issue. She was out of work, and with no chance of finding work in her town, she packed up her car, sold off her wardrobe and headed east.

Little did she know at the time that selling off her wardrobe would be the foundation behind her successful vintage clothing business. Now she’s on line everywhere, and with us in the Shed to talk about how she got to where she is, and why the appeal of vintage clothing is so strong.

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Episode 24 – Mug and Brush

Jim Morris has been a staple on High street for a while. His shop, the Mug and Brush has been serving clients for decades. On top of providing haircuts and shaves, he’s supporting the Columbus Music scene by giving bands a venue to showcase their talents on his own Youtube channel, The Mug and Brush Sessions.

Runtime: 39:01

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Episode 20 – Temple of Juice

Gregory Gould loves juice, and for good reason. Juice helped him to become sober from the addictions of drugs and Alcohol.  He then founded Temple of Juice, providing Central Ohio with fresh, raw, organic juice. Greg stopped by to tell us his story, and what makes raw juice a healthy food. Also, Rob finds someone else who share’s some of his past.

Runtime: 33:58

Notes from the Show

Episode 19 – Lost Weekend Records

Kyle Siegrest is the owner of one of Columbus’ landmark establishments – Lost Weekend Records.  He talks about how his store came to be, how he’s successful in the age of the digital download, and some of his personal music projects.

Runtime: 36:38

Notes from the show:

Lydia Loveless music video for Clumps filmed at Lost Weekend

Episode 18 – Groove U

Dwight Heckelman saw a problem. Colleges and universities were not preparing students how to be successful in the music business. Sure, they taught you how to play an instrument, or how to teach, but no one was teaching how to survive and thrive in the ever-changing music business.

That’s why he started Groove U, an accredited music program to prepare students for the real music business. Students graduate with not only the skills, but the real-world experience and contacts to be successful. Dwight spent the morning telling us his fascinating story, and how Groove U prepares the next generation of music entrepreneurs

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