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Episode 57 – Looking back at the first 12 shows

This week we look back at the first dozen or so shows, and pull out some of the best moments from them.

Runtime: 31:03

Featured in this show:

Lauren McCubbin (Episode 5)

Anton Wilsbach (Episode 8)

National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame (Episode 9)

Wyandotte Winery (Episode 10)

Michelle Warnky (Episode 11)

Max Schneider & Ohio Roller Derby (Episode 12)

Episode 24 – Mug and Brush

Jim Morris has been a staple on High street for a while. His shop, the Mug and Brush has been serving clients for decades. On top of providing haircuts and shaves, he’s supporting the Columbus Music scene by giving bands a venue to showcase their talents on his own Youtube channel, The Mug and Brush Sessions.

Runtime: 39:01

Notes from the show:

Episode 9 – National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame

Show Sponsor: Wyandotte Winery

Mike Ippoliti is an interesting guy. He and his wife stopped over the shedbar to talk about the National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame, but immediately started to tell us stories of his time in radio and local music production. He then told us how he stumbled into the role of curator of the museum, and some of the challenges along the way.  They are not currently open, as they are in the process of moving, but looking to open the doors to the public again in the new year.  And, Robert shows his softer side, lamenting about a barber from his past.

Runtime: 38:04



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