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Episode 31 – Artist Linda Apple

We often talk, and reminisce about the Short North before it became what it was today.  Linda Apple was instrumental in making that section of town the thriving art scene everyone remembers and loves. She’s studied and produced art all over the world. She, and her son John join us for some Crown Royal, and talk her amazing history.  This show goes a little long, because she had just so much great things to say.

Runtime: 47:40

Notes from the Show:

Episode 29 – Tyler Cann, Columbus Museum of Art

Tyler Cann might be the smartest guest we’ve had in the shed. He’s the contemporary Curator at the CMA.  We talk his new exhibit opening in June, and how slow down and enjoy the art you see.

Runtime: 36:39

Notes from the Show:

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Episode 15 – Exit Left Productions

Robert and Craig hit the road, and catch a show by Exit Left Productions performed at Madlab.  While there, we talk with Megan Lehr and Patrick McGregor II about their company’s inaugural show, Hamlet. 

This version was adapted by Pat, and performed “in the round”.  We talk about the inspiration for this adaptation, how to get ahead in acting, and where the company, and Columbus in general is heading.

Their show will run this weekend (27th through the 29th), and is at the Madlab theater.  Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for students and seniors.  Then there’s a “student rush” where you can get in for $5 bucks with a valid student ID 10 minutes till showtime. It’s a good show, you should check it out.

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Runtime: 30:45

Show Notes

Episode 3 – Drink Up Columbus

harrison-press-imageThis week the we talk with Cheryl Harrison. Cheryl is the founder of Speechbubble, a local boutique PR marketing firm, the owner and editor of Drink Up Columbus, Founder of Beers and Board Games Club, Co-founder of the Columbus Ale Trail, and sits on committee for numerous philanthropic and social endeavors.

We discuss the Columbus drinking scene and where it’s going, how she got to where she is today, generational differences in the workplace, her projects and passions, and what’s next.

We also take a moment to reflect on the passing of Bill Conner, CEO and president of CAPA.

Runtime: 48:25

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