About Us

About the Show

There is much to love about central Ohio region, and Columbus in general,  and behind everything that’s great, there’s interesting and exciting people striving to create.  6pod4 is an interview podcast that strives to talk to these dynamic people, and provide some insight into why they do the awesome things they do.

Our approach is conversational, and informal. Some of our best conversations happen over drinks or coffee, and we hope to catch that feeling by doing interviews face-to-face, in a very casual setting.

About Robert

aboutus-robRobert Gratton has lived in Columbus for 10 years. he is a real estate agent, scotch and cigar aficionado, and spends his weekends in his garage building motorcycles.  He is married, and lives with his wife, cats, and dog in Columbus


About Craig

11173373_10152883753515888_1800175111470689954_nCraig Clawson has been in Columbus for 16 years. He works in the information technology management field. Prior to living in central Ohio, he worked in television and print media. He’s an amateur bartender, reader, and music historian. He, his wife, two kids, and two cats live in Gahanna.


About “The Roost”

20151023_173212The Falcon’s roost is a converted 12’x9′ tool shed that was converted into a bar in 2015.  It is now a private clubhouse for watching football, hockey, and recording podcasts.  Because it’s an unheated shed, it’s operational only three seasons a year.  Craig is proud that there’s always a local beer on tap, and that our whiskey selection rivals many public establishments.


Our Listeners

Most listeners (52%) are in Ohio, however 48% are former Buckeyes who are looking for that “taste of home” or currently travelling.


We are syndicated on Radio614.  New shows every Monday at 8pm with encore performance Thursday at 5pm.



Social Reach

  • As of Feb 2017
    • Total Downloads – 7,461
    • Facebook – 366


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