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Episode 59 – Local History Center at the Westerville Public Library

Beth Weinhardt has one of the best jobs in Columbus. She gets to manage the Westerville Local History Center located inside of the Westerville Public Library.  There, she curates the vast archive of information regarding the Anti-Saloon League, and the prohibition movement that had strong roots in the Rural Westerville Community of the early 20th century.  

Robert and Craig braved the cold to travel to Westerville to talk with her about how she ended up where she did. This is a fascinating show full of the history of prohibition.

Runtime: 41:00

Notes from the Show:


Episode 58 – Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies

Holly makes a mean cookie, and wanted to share them with the world. We talked with her, at her store in Gahanna about how the shop came to be, some of the challenges she’s had, and with a special announcement about a new location opening soon! Also, Robert and Craig take objection to the term ‘Whoopee Pie’

Runtime: 43:21

Notes from the Show:

Episode 57 – Looking back at the first 12 shows

This week we look back at the first dozen or so shows, and pull out some of the best moments from them.

Runtime: 31:03

Featured in this show:

Lauren McCubbin (Episode 5)

Anton Wilsbach (Episode 8)

National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame (Episode 9)

Wyandotte Winery (Episode 10)

Michelle Warnky (Episode 11)

Max Schneider & Ohio Roller Derby (Episode 12)