Episode 31 – Artist Linda Apple

We often talk, and reminisce about the Short North before it became what it was today.  Linda Apple was instrumental in making that section of town the thriving art scene everyone remembers and loves. She’s studied and produced art all over the world. She, and her son John join us for some Crown Royal, and talk her amazing history.  This show goes a little long, because she had just so much great things to say.

Runtime: 47:40

Notes from the Show:

3 thoughts on “Episode 31 – Artist Linda Apple

  1. Thanks – enjoyed the interview with Linda Apple. I have followed her art for sometime and appreciate her ability to put a smile on my face whenever I see her art. I receive e-mails from her and saw that she had an interview with you. This is the first time to listen to your Podcast and I will be listening in the future.

    1. Thank you very much! She was a blast to talk with. If you like shows about art, I would recommend checking out 29 – we talked with a curator from the CMA, 25 – Glass blowing with Glass Axis, Episode 5 – Lauren McCubbin (installment artist).

  2. One of the most timely messages of inspiration in my life. After many hours of prayer and meditation on what to do, what to do, I got a text from Linda and this link. My friend, you are exceptional, and I love, not only your art, which I have personally experienced, but find the connection you have with your son, John, equally motivating; now, especially, at a time when my son, Coleton Anderson (Chert Runner AKA Dirty Face Digger) and I are standing READY to Do it–the next phase of our journey! Suberb!!! Much love!
    Diane Horne

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