Episode 25 – Glass Axis

Alex Fresch has always known she wanted to play with fire. She’s an instructor and Social Media Coordinator for Glass Axis, a public art space for artists interested in all things Glass. We discuss her background, why Glass Axis is so important to the community, and the challenges of working in this male dominated medium.

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Runtime: 43:43



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2 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Glass Axis

  1. What a great interview with Alex Fresch! I’m her mom, so I’m biased, but I enjoyed listening to the excitement and true interest you had in the topic of glass art. I’ll definitely have to listen in on other podcasts by 6pod4. Thank you!

    1. You should be proud of your daughter. She is an amazing artist, and an eloquent speaker. We were lucky to have her on our show. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy our other shows as well. -Craig

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