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Episode 11 – Michelle Warnky, American Ninja Warrior

This week we are back in the shed, and visited by Michelle Warnky, who you likely have seen on American Ninja Warrior on NBC.  We armed up with some Hot apple cider with Bourbon, and talk about her history of teaching English abroad, how she fell into becoming a ninja, and how she’s opened a gym here in Central Ohio to train the next generation of warriors.  Her visit was a blast, and we were thankful that she took some time out of her busy day to speak with us.

Runtime: 43:02

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Episode 10 – Wyandotte Winery

This week we take the show on the road and visit Central Ohio’s oldest winery, Wyandotte Winery in Gahanna. We spoke with Valerie and Robin Coolidge on how they got started with wine making, why they expanded to Rockside winery outside of Lancaster, and what it’s like to work with family.  Wine was poured, good times was had. Merry Christmas everyone.

Runtime: 45:43

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Episode 9 – National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame

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Mike Ippoliti is an interesting guy. He and his wife stopped over the shedbar to talk about the National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame, but immediately started to tell us stories of his time in radio and local music production. He then told us how he stumbled into the role of curator of the museum, and some of the challenges along the way.  They are not currently open, as they are in the process of moving, but looking to open the doors to the public again in the new year.  And, Robert shows his softer side, lamenting about a barber from his past.

Runtime: 38:04



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Episode 8 – Columbus Area Board Game Society’s Anton Wilsbach

Anton Wilsbach stopped by the shed to share some Bourbon and talk about why boardgames have made a comeback in a big way.  He’s a “Board member” of the Columbus Area Boardgaming 32622Society, which is one of the largest gaming clubs in America, and meets weekly in Worthington.   While he was at the shed, he talked with Robert and Craig about growing up in Port Clinton, Archaeology, how boardgames can bring a family together, and where, in Columbus, people can find some of the great newer games, just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Runtime: 39:23

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Episode 7 – Performing arts commentator Richard Sanford

madmen_iconRichard Sanford is a wealth of knowledge about performing arts in Columbus. He writes reviews of theatre, Jazz, and rock for a number of outlets here in town.  He truly is a force of nature when it comes to the local arts scene.  Rob and Craig sat down with him to discuss his background, where he developed his taste, and why Columbus is such a great place for arts.  We could have talked with him forever.  Look below for a substantial list of show notes from this episode.

Runtime: 48:32


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